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PDR is the abbreviation for “Paintless Dent Repair” It’s a method of removing dings and dents by using specialized tools behind the damaged panel or on the surface of the vehicle to massage or pop the dent out. Some dents and dings (depending on location) could require a combination of methods to produce optimum results.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF PDR? (Paintless dent repair/removal)
Many have commented that it is almost a miracle to witness their dents and dings disappear before their very eyes! Paintless dent repair is about the closest thing to the dent never happening in the first place. No bondo, No paint, and you don’t have to trust a body shop with your vehicle. We come directly to you, and typically complete your dent removal in an hour or two. It’s certainly way more convenient to have it done while you wait or while you’re at your office or work location wouldn’t you agree? Oh yeah, it’s about 1/3 the cost of traditional body shops, and who doesn’t want to save money in this economy.

When you select MR DENT to repair your dents or dings you are dealing directly with the owner. Scott Roberts owner of MR DENT is not only an expert in paintless dent repair and removal, but has over 25 years’ experience in PDR work. You get Scott himself to repair your dents…Other companies use paid technicians that may or may not have the proper expertise to produce the awesome results you deserve and they typically will charge you more for inferior work. MR DENT’S reputation rides on every repair, so we take the time to perform a QUALITY repair on your vehicle. Isn’t that what you’re looking for?

MR DENT services a wide variety of customers and clients throughout the EAST BAY. Our clients include personal/private vehicle and motorcycle owners, car clubs, automobile dealerships, insurance companies, auto detail companies, as well as mechanic and body shops. We can, and do repair virtually all makes and models, and no job is too small. Whether you have a high end luxury automobile or a modest family car, van or truck, you can trust MR DENT to repair or remove your unsightly dents and dings. We have many customers and clients who rely on us again and again to perform our innovative paintless dent repairs over the past 24 years!

Most non-collision dents can be repaired using PDR methods. The only limiting factor would be the relationship of the dent’s depth to its diameter/width. A large shallow dent may be more repairable than a small deep dent. Dents caused by another car door, or damage caused by a hailstorm are typically completely removed without any signs of a repair. Customers are amazed at the results that can be obtained and almost always wish they had known about MR DENT sooner.

For the vast majority of dents and dings we repair the answer to that is most assuredly- yes. The deeper the dent the more difficult it becomes to get perfect results. We will let you know up front what we believe the end results are likely to be before performing our services.

The simple answer is NO. Not all dents can be repaired using our paintless dent repair/removal Technics. If you’ve been involved in a more serious crash that has resulted in major damage to the vehicle you’ll need to take it to a traditional body shop. Deep and complex dents where the metal has been stretched beyond a certain point can be fixed- somewhat, but not to 100%. Again, MR DENT will let you know before we agree to work on your vehicle. If you’re in doubt, it’s best to give us a call or contact us before you go the more expensive route of a traditional body-shop.

NO! It really is one of the most important benefits of our PDR processes. It is a paintless repair process that leaves the factory finish just as it was before the dent happened. Of course if there’s already paint chipped off, it would require touch up or repainting.

No problem! In fact it’s a really good idea to have your dents and dings repaired affordably before you turn the vehicle back in to the lease company. They will charge you for every dent and ding on the vehicle, and for way more money than what MR DENT will charge for the same repair- POTENTIALLY SAVING YOU HUNDREDS!

We can repair most dings and small dents in about an hour or so. It really depends on the size and location of the dent though. On larger dents or if access is in a difficult area it could take a bit longer. If you have hail damage with multiple dents, it may require the day to get it done…But remember, MR DENT comes to you and you don’t have to worry about leaving your vehicle with an unknown body-shop for an expensive repair and other issues that could arise as a result.

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