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 What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair or “PDR” for short, has quickly become the #1 alternative to expensive body shops for a majority of dents and dings experienced by most car, van, or motorcycle owners. Without the need for drilling, repainting or using “bondo” or replacing a whole panel, you can have your vehicles dents and dings repaired or removed using the services of MR DENT’S Paintless Dent Repair.

About 80% plus of the dents and dings on most vehicles can be repaired or removed through a PDR process! The convenience is unsurpassed when compared to traditional methods offered through a typical body shop. You can have your car, van, truck, motorcycle or high end luxury vehicle repaired right at your home or office through MR DENT.

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The Process of “PDR”.

Again, with paintless dent repair you will not have to bring your car anywhere! The process is typically done at your home or place of business, and the process is done in about an hour or two, depending on how much damage or the number of dents and dings you need to have repaired or removed. MR DENT’S PDR process typically is performed on the outside of the vehicle, but could also involve removing an inside panel to get to the back of the dent.

With MR DENT of Pleasanton California, you get the skill and expertise of 25 years of dent repair and removal by the owner himself, which translates into the best possible results for your vehicle and pocket book!

To perform a paintless dent repair, specialized and proprietary tools are utilized to massage out the dents and dings or they are removed by popping them out. Sometimes it will be a combination of two or more Technics and Skills that have been learned over 25 years of experience. It really depends on the type and location of the damage to your particular vehicle.

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Why customers love Paintless Dent Repair.

With MR DENT…It’s affordable! It’s Fast!…And typically there is no repainting necessary, and therefore the cost of paintless dent repair is almost always WAY LESS than your local body shop. Please know that not all Paintless dent repair companies are equal in quality of service or results. Some companies are better than others, that’s for sure…You can trust MR DENT’S 25 years of experience to not only get the job done quickly, but also affordably, and done right the first time.
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